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Back at Home, Back in training

I got home from the vacation at 2 am Tuesday night (Wednesday morning.)  After a restful 4 hours of sleep I had to get up and head over to Marie Kerr park to work out with my Hillview kids. My co-coaches Christian and Godfrey had been handling things while I was away. The goal for the day was to get the kids some simple endurance training. They had 40 minutes to get as far as they could doing laps around the park. I felt pretty good and found myself in the middle of the pack from the beginning, rather than at the back. Normally all the kids start off much faster than I do and then I slowly pick them off. After about a mile, one of the dads, Joe Kim caught me and we ran together the rest of the way. We kept going a little faster, and a little faster. By the time our 40 minutes were up, we had finished 5.5 miles at an average pace of 7:36! I ran almost as fast in the workout as I had at the race 3 days earlier…..

Later in the day, I headed over to Valley Physical Therapy and continued working with Clay. Clay had been working on my strength and flexibility. I am really close to being able to squat unassisted. I can get all the way down with just a couple of pounds of weight out in front as a counter balance.

Today, I got some sleep! Then about 6 I met Clay at his house for a bicycle workout. We rode around Quartz Hill and completed 4 reps of 1 mile up 70th west from ave L to ave M. My splits were 4:24, 4:19, 4:20 and 4:09. After riding back to his house, we worked out at The Cave! Clay had me do a time trial with 4 sets of 15 reps of pull ups (with assistance), bench presses, and squat presses. It took me 13:53 altogether. Next we added some work throwing around the medicine ball.

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