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5k races are fun!

The YMCA in Lancaster had its Summer Sizzlin 5k race this morning. I talked Clay into joining me. We made a dea: He comes and runs the 5k and I have to race him up Godde Hill on a bicycle tomorrow morning. (Gee, I wonder who will win that race.) . He said he would keep up with me for a mile and then go for 2nd place in the age group….. Quite a few other HDR members joined us as well. I was hoping for 22 to 23 minutes and hoping to at least place in my age group. As it turned out I was successful on both accounts. My time was 22:48 and I was 3rd in my age group in spite of being 9th overall.

As the runners lined up at the beginning of the race there were several that I knew would be competition for me. Eric Dombrowski was there. He has been on a PR type of year and I expected that at our current fitness levels he would beat me. Grant Barnett was there. It took me 2 1/2 miles to get ahead of him at the Lake Hughes race a month ago. He is younger and a newer runner so he has lots of potential for improvement. Joe Kim was there. Joe was just a little behind me at the Los Angeles marathon. Sometimes he comes to Hillview practices and he is always hard to keep up with. Of course, Clay was there, and he is just flat out faster and stronger than me! He almost always beats me at distances shorter than half marathons. I also had 4 students there. Leo was my top 7th grade runner. He beat me at the YMCA last year and I expected he would do it again. Derek was one of my top 5 6th graders. I beat him last November, but he has been steadily improving. I expected him to get me as well. Daniel and Chris, I figured I could beat them….

As the race took off Joe got off the line quickly. I tried to stay close. Students Leo and Derek were also taking off with the leaders.  Going up the freeway overpass I was gaining on Joe. Clay went by quite easily.  Eric and Grant were somewhere behind me. About the top of the hill Eric went by. Around one mile in I caught Joe. Eric passed Clay and he caught my student Derek. The two of them continued to battle as they pulled farther and farther ahead. I believe Erik eventually took 5th.  My students Leo and Derek were 4th and 6th. Around 1 1/2 miles in Joe came back on me! I was feeling very dead legged due to Thursdays workout with Clay but I tried to stay close. Clay remained not too far ahead. As we turned onto 15th St, the 2 mile mark, I caught and passed Joe. I passed a guy with a long sleeve red shirt at the same time. Then I pulled along side Clay. Clay and I remained side by side as we turned onto K8 to go over the freeway. Clay said something like “Here is where low body fat kicks in” and pulled ahead of me on the upgrade. I worried about Joe catching me but I could not sense him.

Coming down the hill and into the finish I strove to gain on Clay but that was not happening. Turning into the park I heard someone gaining FAST. I thought, uh oh, here comes Joe. It turned out to be the red shirt guy and he blew by me and then Clay.  We finished in that order. Red shirt guy 7th, Clay 8th, me 9th.  Joe was about 15 seconds back in 10th.  Grant was right behind him. It turned out that the red shirt guy was 54 years old so he, Clay and I took 1-3 in the oldest age division!  Eric and Grant were 2 and 3 for guys in their 30s. Joe won the 40 bracket.  Kathy Diorio won the 50+ female bracket.  Jim Haskett set a PR finishing not too far behind Grant. Jim was probably 4th in his age group.  Bev Oneal, Deborah Petty, Connie Graham-Hess were out there as well. Connie talked her husband Dan into running his first 5k. He kept up with Connie till near the end!  Welcome to Dan, our newest HDR club member!

Points wise, the big scorer today was Erik placing in the top 5 overall. Joe scored 6 and Clay scored 5 as well. The rest of us either did not place high enough or we already have our placing points for an “extra” 5k….  1 point each for us!

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