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I am a much better runner than…..

a biker (a cyclist?)

When I invited Clay to come race (and beat me) at yesterday’s 5k, part of the deal was that I had to race him up Godde Hill on a bike this morning. Of course, I knew that I would not be any competition for him, but it would be a good workout, so I made the deal.


At 6 we met at his house and rode a mile or so to warm up. Then up we went. The official start of Clay’s ride up Godde begins at Ave M. This makes it to be about a 5k all the way to the top. With the hill he expects you should be able to ride up in about the same time you could run a flat 5k.  This ride has a climb of 1060 feet! On top of the climb, this morning was a pretty good headwind, so I did not ride it in 5k race time. My time was 23:46, about a minute slower than my 5k yesterday.

I uploaded the ride to This is a website I have been trying out lately. If you go for a run or for a bicycle ride with a GPS device or with their app, it reads the gps data to record your effort. The unique thing about this site, though is that it compares your run or ride with other people who have run or ridden the same route. You download your entire run/ride, but the site compares specific segments of it.

When I uploaded our ride up Godde Hill, the site found about a dozen segments that people had set up. There were a number of segments that started at various places on 60th and went up to the aqueduct. There were a number more that went all the way to the top. There was no designated segment that went all the way from 60th to the top. So, I set one up. When you set up a new segment, it looks through its data base and finds others whom have already run it. It found 69 people who have posted bike rides from ave M to the top of Godde. Of those 69 I am only in 45th place.  Ouch…. My time was 23:46 – the leading time is 13:28…  What is your PR on this climb, Clay?

One of the most common segments goes from ave N to the top. My time for this segment was 17:26 placing me 93rd out of 136 on the list. The current leader is a guy named Chad Cho with a time of 9:19…. 9:19! Did he have a tow rope or something? Wow. Third on the list is Rich Bartlett, owner of Block Bikes at 9:52. Some other familiar names on the list are Dr. Tony Smith (my chiropractor) 27th place – 9:55 and Koz Rex 31st place – 10:13.

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  1. I have your split from M to N as 6 min so subtract that from 23:46 to get your split from N to the top. Don’t even compare times against the wind.

  2. Sounds like Clay and you had a good workout. Great job! The website that allows you to compare your times over the same course with others is really cool.

  3. I’m not sure if Strava differentiate between which direction you were going…up or down the hill?The 9:00 times may have been downhill?

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