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Hill Crazy

If Clay has his way the title of my last blog post will become patently wrong.  But that is part 3 of today’s workouts…

1) This morning I met the Hillview kids at Marie Kerr for our summer workout. When I first arrived the Highland girls cross country team happened to run by. It looked like they had 40 or 50 girls! Lots of them used to run for me! The workout for the Hillview kids was 30s hill repeats. This is one of my favorite summer XC workouts. We start with a warm up up 30th west, past Cottonwood Elementary and through the housing tract to Ave P-12.

There we regroup and do some warm up drills. Then we do 30s sprints up P-12 (west) and south onto the Aqueduct Access Road. I was VERY encouraged by the workout. On each interval I was feeling almost spry, at least for 20s or so.

2) This is the last week of my appts with Clay at Valley Physical Therapy. The workouts there always include a stationary bicycle warm up. Today it included 4 sets of 15 one legged kettle bell lifts. He made me use the 40 pounder. Then there was 4 x 15 squats with the same kettle bell. I also did a 1000m ski erg in 4:06.1.

3) Clay added a bike workout to our fun for the day. he brought his bike to my house after work and we did a BUNCH of hill sprints. We started with a small block. It was about .2 miles uphill and then around the hill back down. Some of the reps we went hard on the whole .2 and some of them he had me go all out on only the last portion. We ended up doing 10 of these. Then we rode around the neighborhood tackling even more hills.

hill crazy

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