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Triple work again…

1) 7:00 am – Marie Kerr Park workout with the Hillview kids. We did 1.5 warm up and then did some partner tortures! The first was a longer one, all the way around the tennis courts. The next 3 were shorter. 2/3 mile cool down for only 3 miles.

2) 6:00 pm – Joe Walker Track. Only a few HDR runners met me tonight for our weekly track workout. There was some confusion about where we would meet. Clay has put a sign up last week telling people to go to Quartz Hill High. The sign was still there and I was about 1 minute late, so some had already headed over to Quart Hill. We all got back to Joe Walker eventually. The workout was 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. My knee felt good, but all the work, or maybe the heat, or the wind, or controlling my calories had me feeling somewhat lethargic. My splits for 2 laps were all around 3:23 though, so, not too bad.

3) 7:00 pm – The Cave Workout. Tonight it was a series of 1 minute contests with Clay. I should have quit after the first one. It was the ONLY one of the evening that I won. The first was jump rope. I did 155 in a minute, Clay got an even 100. Next we threw a 6 pound ball over a rope – 22 to 29(?) We did Ball Slams, Throws of a heavier ball, pull ups, bench presses with 95 pounds (I only managed 3), box jumps, running down the driveway and back carrying a 70 pound block, and a shuttle relay. Clay won them all, only the shuttle relay was close…. Still it was a fun, good workout.

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