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Clay’s impromptu trail run #2

You may recall that on Memorial Day, Clay and I announced a trail run at Bouquet Canyon on the Pacific Crest Trail. Here is the blog post for that day…. You may also recall that Clay did not make it to that run. Yesterday I sent out an email and posted on facebook that we would do the same run again. I did not get much (any) response. But Clay made it! Erik and Krysti Ruble showed up as well. We ran the same 8 plus miles up to the ridge and back.

This run has an opening section that goes up and then rolls along with some ups and downs. About 1.6 to 1.7 miles in you hit a low point and then it is up, up, up, up all the way to the ridge. You gain 900 feet in 2.4 miles. On this uphill section is a designated segment called tank to the top. (There is an old water tank at the starting point.)  As we ran it Clay and Erik pulled ahead of me. I maintained a strong steady effort. It took me 28:43 to get to the top according to Strava. I beat my old record of 30:08 (from Memorial Day) by 1:25!   The time for the entire climb to the top, was not a record, however. We took it pretty easy on that opening section so as not too get too far ahead of Krysti!

When I got home, my wife surprised me with a little anniversary gift!


She had a collage made of some of my running photos. She included a couple of amusing quote pictures I have shared before on facebook…..


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