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Month: July 2013

Two for Tuesday….

Yup, only two, no Triple Tuesday today…. I did my typical Sweet 16 workout with the kids today. I set a PR on hops. One of the 16 drills is […]

Trail Running

Friday I had the Hillview kids do their biggest run of the summer. We met at Marie Kerr and split into two groups. Almost all of the kids went with […]

Triple Tuesday …… again

1) Marie Kerr – Sweet 16 workout.  This workout took place at the same time as a rather significant run a few miles down the street. Antelope Valley College Coach […]

2 PRs!

No, I did not run any races……. I met Clay and Karl at Quartz Hill High School at 6 am this morning for Clay’s speed workout. I do not typically […]


After a Monster Monday and a Triple Tuesday, and easy day was in order!  So, the kids and I did the same workout as last Wednesday. We ran about 4 […]

To the gap

Most of the High Desert Runner’s trail runs are scheduled for Sunday. Consequently, I usually cannot go.Whenever one is scheduled for a Saturday I do my best to make it. […]

Photo Finish

I only wish I had the photo….. Last night was the night for the 2nd High Desert Runners XC race of the summer. We were blessed with a cool, but […]
Photo Finish

Easy Day 2000

Today was an easy day. Only two workouts. 1) The Hillview kids and I did 2 big loops and 1 small loop at Marie Kerr. Then we played some Sharks […]

4 workouts in one day?

Over the next few weeks my goal is to be as active as possible and burn some extra calories and shed some pounds….. While of course continuing to train on […]