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Triple Strength

The focus today was once again on strength.  With the Hillview team we ran over behind Highland and did 25s hill repeats. Once again, as the workout progressed, I really felt like I was doing well! The total run, though was only about 4 miles.

In the evening I met about a half dozen High Desert Runners at Joe Walker. The temperature was still in the mid 90s at 6 pm. I decided to move the workout off of the Joe Walker track and onto the grass of the adjacent Lane Park. This gave us a shady area. We did our sweet 16 workout.  Then we followed that up with a set of ab killers!

Next, I headed over to Clay’s Cave for some more strength training. We did some jump rope and some ball tosses. He had me lay on my back with my feet up in a dead bug position. He tossed a 6 pound ball over my head at various angles. I am thinking that this part may give me some sore abs in a day or two. We added some 95 lb presses (only 5 for me), some assisted pull ups, some squats and some dead lifts. Finally we had a 1 minute challenge to see who could do the most step ups onto a 9 inch block. The first round I did 58 and Clay did 53. We tried a second round and I did 61. Clay did 62. So, I won the total!  Yeah!  I have to brag when I can about besting Clay, it does not happen often!

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