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Double Digits

I have not run a double digit run since the Los Angeles Marathon. Thursday, I came close doing back to back 10K and 5K races. I have done a couple of 8 mile trail runs and these take as long as 10 mile flat runs, but, I have not actually run 10 miles since March. So, today, I invited the High Desert Runners to come out to the aqueduct and join me. Clay, Dave, Janet Dempsey, David Sells and I met at 6 and got started. The plan was to run west for 45 minutes and turn around. In theory we should have all returned at the same time. We ran about a half mile together and then our group started to break up. Janet and David Sells dropped back a little as Clay, Dave and I pressed forward. A little farther and Clay dropped back due to allergy issues. It was somewhat windy out there…. Dave and I pressed onward for 43 minutes and 11 seconds. At this point we had 5 miles, so we turned back. About a mile back we ran into Alan Brown, who had started 20 minutes late.  I am not sure how far he ended up going. We did not await his return.

Dave and I were picking up the pace a bit on the return trip. I got to tell him ALL about my recent cruise and trip to Boston. This conversation took 5 miles, at least! We started to wonder why we were not catching anyone. Finally we saw someone standing up ahead. Clay had stopped to wait and video us near the finish. It turned out the Clay and David turned at 4 miles. Janet turned at 3.5?  So, no one followed instructions. Still, we all got to meet up at the end and congratulate each other being out there bright and early and getting in a good run!

Here is Clay’s video…..  I was happy to see that I do not seem to be heel striking!

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