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4 workouts in one day?

Over the next few weeks my goal is to be as active as possible and burn some extra calories and shed some pounds….. While of course continuing to train on my current goals – speed for the mile and 5k…..

1) 7:00 am – Marie kerr Park – Hillview XC team.  We got a late start. We were waiting for someone to come and open the gate at the park. Today we did the Sweet 16 workout.  I feel like I am getting better at this workout. I am getting the strength to do decent drills and I am moving up the ranks compared to my kids on the sprint. This weeks drills were 50% longer than last weeks…. 3 lanes in the parking lot.

2) Not sure if this counts as a workout….. Cheryl and I walked the mall. We did our usual full lap around the interior of the mall including all the big box stores. Then I made Cheryl do it again sans the stores. This was probably about 2 1/2 miles.

3)  7:00 pm. Clay and I did what has become our weekly Hill Crazy workout. This week’s repeats were longer: .33 miles each with an elevation gain of about 90 feet (a nine story building?) Clay challenged me to “best out of 7”.   Clay let me set the pace on the first one. So he spotted me the first one – 2:28. Number two was quite a bit quicker for Clay and for me. Clay did it in 2:10 -while I was at 2:11. On number 3, Clay got ahead, but on the last section I noted he had downshifted and was spinning quickly. I tried the same and was able to stay just behind. Slowly I gained. He surged and I surged. Near the top he let up and I found one more bit of surge and I edged him at the top.  2:13. Number four, I was beat, by Clay and by the 110 percent effort I had put out on #3. Clay won by 4 or 5 seconds. I was at 2:20. Number five, Clay decided to video me.

At first I was getting frustrated to think that he was riding with one hand, videoing me and still beating me. Near the top I was able to get ahead to take a 3 to 2 lead – 2:18. On number 6 though Clay got serious and I faded at the end 2:20.  Now we were set for a #7 showdown. Clay pulled ahead and just tried to stay close. As we turned the corner for the last stretch I put the gear a little higher, got out of the saddle and gave it all I had. Half way up this section I caught him. I think Clay was surprised. I got ahead by more than 1 length. Still standing and breathing crazy fast. Two houses from the top Clay pulled along side I tried to find a little more, but I could not match Clay. Clay won but I had put up another 2:12. I was so spent that I had to unclip my feet and just stand there for a bit before continuing with a cool down…..

4) After Clay left I headed into the backyard. Well, first I got a bottle of water and then I headed into the backyard. I jumped into the pool. Cheryl came outside and we did 4 “miles” of laps in the pool. It took a little while for the legs to feel somewhat normal. I guess this is what triathletes have to deal with.

post script….. Clay hurried home after the workout to watch American Ninja Warrior. He told me to watch it, because soon he would have me doing these types of obstacles. I went inside and set the DVR. I am watching it as I write this. Cheryl is watching with me. She said I should be worried about what the Cave was going to look like tomorrow……

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