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Another Tough Tuesday

Tuesdays have been tough of late.  Well, so have Mondays…. see yesterday’s blog….

1) 7:00 am – Hillview’s Practice at Marie Kerr Park. Last week we did some short hill repeats behind Highland High on P-12. This week we did longer intervals. We jogged over to the hill at the corner of P8 and 30th West. On the upper portion of the hill we did some clockwise loops.
saddleback loopsThe uphill portion was about a tenth of a mile. I had everyone do continuous loops for 20 minutes. I completed 6 of them. After yesterdays hill repeats on the bicycle, these were tough….

2) 6:00 pm at Joe Walker – the High Desert runners speed workout. At 6 pm the temp was still well into the 90s. The wind was picking up quite strong from the west. I wanted something that would get us a good workout but would allow some built in breaks to stave off problems with the heat. I came up with something new. When I announced it, the others were quite apprehensive. I announced we would be doing 4 x 4,3,2,1. Since my regulars are used to workouts by time, they thought they were into something big……

The workout I prescribed, though was 400 meters fast, 100 meters recovery, 300 meters fast, 200 recovery, 200 meters fast, 300 meters recovery, 100 meters fast. All of this x 4. Cept after doing a few of them, we cut it to 3.  The workout was tougher than I though it would be. If you add it all up that’s 1000 m hard with 600 recovery. Most of us found that even though the intervals were getting shorter, the fatigue would not allow us to go much quicker.

3) 7:00 p.m. The Cave – 3 sets of 5 pull ups and 3 sets of bench presses. 3 x 15 squats with medicine ball throws. Some pretty pathetic push ups and some squats with a bar on my shoulders. It was a bit shorter workout than usual.  Like I said, Mondays and Tuesday have been tough the last couple of weeks.

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