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Easy Day 2000

Today was an easy day. Only two workouts.

1) The Hillview kids and I did 2 big loops and 1 small loop at Marie Kerr. Then we played some Sharks and Minnows. I am terrible at Sharks and Minnows. My zero to sprint reaction time is pathetic and once up to speed I cannot quickly change directions. Still, it is fun!

2) Tonight we did our 2nd Cycology Critical Mass bicycle ride. I heard someone use the term critical mass during the ride, meaning that we had enough bodies, enough critical mass, it makes riding bicycles around town in the dark safe and fun. We did about 17 miles.

2000?  That is the total calories burned on my two easy activities.  I am not so sure on the accuracy of the bicycling calories. Training Peaks says it was around 1450. An online calculator put it at 1155. Strava put it only at 256.  Training Peaks, I would assume used the heart rate monitor data….. None of them are really able to account for the fact that it is a pretty heavy Tandem bike we are riding out there.

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