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To the gap

Most of the High Desert Runner’s trail runs are scheduled for Sunday. Consequently, I usually cannot go.Whenever one is scheduled for a Saturday I do my best to make it. Justin Patananan was in charge of this one. We met at Jackson Lake, which is on the road headed up to Wrightwood. Clay drove me and we met about a dozen others: Justin, Dave Weary. Joel Lozano, Lance Vallederas, Charles and Janet Dempsey, Steve, Joe and Kathy Diorio, Jim Haskett, Mary, and Caleb Schroeder and some of his team.

We headed up a fire road and made or way up to Vincent Gap on Angeles Crest Highway. Overall, it was a nice place for a run. The altitude took a little getting used to, and only a couple sections of the trail were really steep. There was lots of shade, los of trees. Lance, Dave and Clay ran ahead on the uphill. I did quite a bit better on the way down. Thanks to Clay for the video…

The total run was 11 miles. The total for the week is 40 miles. My knee feels great when I run. The only time I feel my knee is when I bend it all the way back or if I were to try to sit cross legged with my left foot up on my right knee. The left knee still does not like the sideways twisting pressure.

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