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Monster Monday!

Mondays and Tuesdays, during my summer break, have become my biggest workout days. Today I tried to find something to do every hour or so to get off my but and burn calories. Some of the workouts were quality, and some were just calories….

7 a.m. Marie Kerr Park –  The Hillview workout.  I met about 20 students and parents at Marie Kerr park and we headed south on 30th. We ran behind Highland High and did my short hill repeat workout up P-12.  I am going to have to start using the split button to see if I can measure progress here. Subjectively, I am feeling stronger and stronger on these. I am noticing that fewer and fewer of my kids continue to beat me! The total run was only about 3.5 miles…

Mid morning – yard work – mostly hanging plastic mesh bags on bunches of grapes still on the vines. The mesh bags keep the birds from eating all our grapes.

12:30 pm – 35 minutes steady pace on the exercise bike while listening to my daily Bible reading. I found that I can listen to the Bible on an app on my Android rather than listening. With this cool little tool I can grow spiritually and physically at the same time!

4:30 p.m – Cleaned the pool a little and did sprint reps in it. The pool is small, so I used a swim tether and set my watch for 30s.  Unfortunately, I could not hear the alarm go off, so I went over 30s… I also lost track of how many I did. but I did 10 or 12 reps.

7:00 p.m. – Hill Crazy bike workout with Clay. This time we headed west on Elizebeth Lake road and worked our way east going up and down all the hills in the area…. See the profile…. hill crazy2

The last two Hill reps, which look the same, are the same reps that we did 7 of last week. Last week, my PR on this was 2:11.  Today, Clay spotted me 10s so I really took off, not wanting him to catch me. He did, but still, I finished in 2:04! This did me in, however. I had spaghetti legs on the next one and it took 2:16.

After the ride Clay did some light movement to cool down in the pool!

After the bike workout, Cheryl asked me how it went. I told her I had a perfect record. She said, oh, so Clay won all the repeats? I was just a little bit saddened by her lack of confidence in me…. but of course, she was right. Good work Clay!

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