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Clayve Workout on Triple Tuesday

7:00 am – Hillview workout at Marie Kerr. We did the Sweet 16 drills and sprints workout. I am noticing that I am moving up the ranks on the sprints and that the drills feel smoother and stronger!

6:00 pm – HDR Track Workout.  Tonight we did the same workout we did last week. Except this time we did 4 repeats. The workout included sets of 4 laps. The first lap was a fast 400. The second lap was 100 recovery followed by a fast 300. The third lap was a 200 recovery followed by a fast 200. The final lap was a 300 recovery followed by a fast 100. The funny thing is that even though the distances get shorter, we are finding we are unable to speed up.

The workout is actually a good workout for learning how to run with fatigue. You run the 400 and you only have 100 recovery. So you are not recovered, but you take off for 300. You finish the 300 even more fatigued and the 200 is not enough. You run the 200 and then you have a full 300 recovery. I noticed that as I was finishing this 300 I was STILL in a 2 to 1 breath pattern. This showed that I was still not fully recovered when I started the 100 sprint. After the sprint we had a couple of minutes and then we started again. Only when starting the 400s were we recovered and ready to go!

The good news was that I was faster than last week, especially on the 400s:
400=1:34, 300=1:12, 200=47, 100=24
400=1:30, 300=1:10, 200=49, 100=24
400=1:30, 300=1:11, 200=48, 100=24
400=1:30, 300=1:10, 200=49, 100=24

7:10 pm Clayve Workout – I headed over to Clay’s house for a strength workout. I did a bunch of jump rope, some ball slams, and some medicine ball throws. Then we went in the garage for Clay’s timed challenge. We did 10 pullups, (though I used 2 bands), 20 pushups (mine were with elevated hands), a 400 meter sprint, and 20 box jumps. (Clay was jumping at 20 inches, I was jumping at 13.) I am not in shape for the pushups, even with the elevated hands, I had to do a few, then rest, then do a few more….  The whole set took me almost 7 minutes. Clay was 3:48!  I have lots of work to do….

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  1. I do believe you should have some days-weeks free of triple workouts. Your body is adapting to the wrong stimulus. I think to get faster you want it to adapt to running less but faster as opposed to more but slower. Probably OK for now as you build stamina and a base but there will come a time when you want 1:30 for a 400 to feel pretty darn easy.

  2. The Monster Mondays will end soon, when my summer break is over. Typically Mondays are my day of rest. Triple Tuesdays may remain as there will always be a Hillview workout, a HDR workout and a Clayve. Of course I do not always need to do all of them. There was plenty of short very fast stuff on Monday and Tuesday. Hill sprints on foot, Hill sprints on bikes, Sprints are part of the sweet 16…. The Tuesday night workout is typically a little more focused to VO2 max training….. In which case as I think about it, I was pushing too hard!

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