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After a Monster Monday and a Triple Tuesday, and easy day was in order!  So, the kids and I did the same workout as last Wednesday. We ran about 4 miles easy in the park and then played some sharks and minnows. I am not good at Sharks and Minnows in the first place but after the last two days I was especially bad at it today. That’s okay. One of these days I will play it with the kids when I am more rested!

Since it was an easy day I wanted to find some easy ways to burn calories.  I played Wii fit for a little more than an hour. Most of it on the obstacle course, the marching, and the flying chicken!  The game said I burned more than 200 calories.

Later Cheryl and I went to the mall and walked for almost an hour. We kept a pretty good pace so I am sure we did at least 3 miles…. There went another 280!

These last couple of weeks I am finally starting to see good results on the scale.  Last December, when I almost PRd at Santa to the Sea Half marathon I was under 163 or so.  By January when I did the Bakersfield half it was probably 166. Shortly after that I hurt my calf and then my knee. I continued minimal training until the LA Marathon in March. By March I was 170 – 172. Then I took a month off. Then I resumed on very low mileage training. I did not weigh myself. Summer came and I went on a cruise. After the cruise I started to watch the food intake better, but did not weigh myself until July 9 – 176.

This morning I was under 172!

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