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2 PRs!

No, I did not run any races…….

I met Clay and Karl at Quartz Hill High School at 6 am this morning for Clay’s speed workout. I do not typically do speed work on the weekends, because I coach the Tuesday night HDR workout. However, I thought maybe it would be a good idea for this week. My thinking was that I could do the speed work this morning in lieu of the Tuesday night speed work and thus leave myself fresher for a Thursday night race.

At church, this morning I was reminded, however, that Vacation Bible School starts Thursday night. My presence will be needed at church so I will probably not even be at the XC series meet on Thursday….. I will probably prescribe something longer and slower on Tuesday.

Clay’s plan: 3(3×400)+1×400

Clay’s description: “I would like to lead the first set after 4 laps of warmup,  hit the 200 in 46 sec and complete each in 1:32. (We will) walk or jog 100m between.  After 3 we jog one lap. Karl can lead the next two sets of 3×400 in same format with 100 walk jog rest 400 jog between sets.  2nd set in 1:27-1:30  3rd set in 1:25-1:28  last one in 1:25-1:32 depending.

We went through the first set of three in 93, 91 and 92. We walked 100 m between each of these reps. After the set, we walked 200, got a drink and prepared for the next set. It was decided to let me be the rabbit. I used the lane stagger and started in lane 2. Karl quickly caught me. Clay caught me in the last 100 and pulled a bit ahead. The split was 89.  Once again, the rabbit and hound approach has led me to a quicker performance. The next two repeats were even quicker at 87 each. My first rep of the third set was 86, which is my new 400m PR. (but then again, I have not actually RACED any track meets.)  As I ran the next two, however, fatigue was getting me. The legs were losing it. The next two reps were 90 and 91.

After the longer break we got ready for one more. Once again I got a rabbit start in lane 2. Karl was past me in the first 50. Clay was past me in the next 50. As I ran the next 100 m I was beginning to wobble. So at 200 I hit the lap button and stopped.  The 200 was 44s. I walked a 20 or 30m loop to that 200m split line and watched Karl and Clay finish across the infield. Then I ran one more 200. Karl and Clay turned and saw me coming in and cheered me on. That last 200 only took 41 seconds. I have not recorded 200m splits, but I am sure that was another PR!

So, it appears that the strength and speed conditioning is starting to work. I will continue to keep things shorter and quicker. I will continue to do the core exercises, plyometrics and strength training. I will continue to work to drop the excess weight.

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