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Triple Tuesday …… again

1) Marie Kerr – Sweet 16 workout.  This workout took place at the same time as a rather significant run a few miles down the street. Antelope Valley College Coach Mark Covert met around 200 runners and ran a mile. This was to be the last day of his running streak which completed 45 years –  today. Congratulations Mark! Click here to read his blog…

2) High Desert Runners Speed Workout – Tonight’s workout: 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 ….  These are measurements of time. We had Jeff and Herschel Smith, David Villalobos, Oscar, Natalie and Monstserrat Gutierrez, Jessica Harper, Justin Koo, Jessie Williams and eventually, Alan Brown.  Since I am still a bit sore from Sunday – I held back on my repeats. I tried to run them at marathon PR pace. The 1/4 splits were all between 1:48 to 1:53. Justin Koo choose to hold back as well. So we were chatting away – probably annoying those who were running their hardest and just keeping up….  Hillview 7th grader, Natalie, had a great workout. She stayed with me until the last one. I told her she did not have to stay with me on it – so she ran ahead!

3) Clayve – Clay had me doing pull ups. 6 x 5 (with 2 assistance bands), 4 x 10 bench presses (75 pounds), 20 squats with medicine ball toss high on the wall, and a couple sets of a held sit up type of position while twisting a 20 pound medicine ball side to side.  When I got home, Cheryl handed me a plate with a slice of watermelon on it…. After that workout, it feels very heavy.

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