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Trail Running

Friday I had the Hillview kids do their biggest run of the summer. We met at Marie Kerr and split into two groups. Almost all of the kids went with me, with the exception of 4 or 5 that are not showing as much speed or stamina. Jennie Smith, Dora Castellanos and Amy Heath (3 moms) ran with these kids through the houses across from Rite Aid, up to the aqueduct. They came off the aqueduct behind the Boulders Mobile Home parks, ran down 55th to N and finished at the McDonald’s. Their run was about 5 miles.

4 other parents, Erik and Krysti Ruble, Joe Kim and Oscar Gutierrez ran with me and the main group. We ran up 30th west and up to the aqueduct at the siphon behind Highland High. From there we followed the paths and roads up to the Bunny Hill. (Highland calls this the park bench.) Then we ran down the gulch, through the tunnels under the aqueduct, down 55th west to McDonald’s. Our run was 6 miles.

With all the parental help, it went very smoothly. We were also blessed with cloud cover for the entire run!!

So, that was train run number 1. This morning I met Clay at San Francisquito for another trail run. We headed east from the road and ran out to the bench and back. It is 10K to the bench and 10K back.  Clay shot some nice video of our run….

On the way back we saw some high school boys running toward us. It turned out to be the Quartz Hill High team. I was very pleased to see the lead group included, Alex Wada, Travis Cetti, Evan Ross, Brad Sexton and Bradley Wiggs. This entire group is former Hillview runners!  Also spotted on the run was Lucas Trivisonno, Haley Knight and the entire Ruble family. Brock has joined the team…. They turned around at the bridge with was 5.1 miles out. So, their leaders ended up finishing just a few minutes after Clay and I. I ended up hanging out with them, visiting and waiting as they all came in. It was cool to see so many of my Hillview runners out there!

Funny thing, though, is that as I was running the first half of this run I was thinking to myself that I might be able to establish some nice segment records on Strava.  But then when I saw my guys out there, I realized my records plans were done for. Bradley and Travis, and Coach Matt are all on Strava and were certainly running the same trail faster than me….. Oh well….

To add insult to injury. I just checked Strava and apparently the Highland team ran the trail section by Bouquet.  There went some more of my records!!!

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