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A little extra speed work?

59707649_kC9os-LOnce again we had the massive inflatable slip n slide at church on Saturday afternoon. In spite of some fatigue from the 12 miles earlier in the morning, i was quick. I had fun! I got wet!

Sunday, I rested…. I noted that I had run on 7 consecutive days so it was time for a day off!

Today, Monday, 30 second hill repeats with the team behind Highland. I only have one more week of summer break so I wanted to take advantage of the hill at least this one last time. We have done this workout at least 4 times. The first time we did it with repeats of 30s. In my blog I mentioned feeling spy… for 20s. I remember fading pretty bad the last 10. The following week we cut it to 20s and I did well. The next time we did it at 25 and I remained strong. Today we went back to the full 30s. I was spry for the entire 30s this time!!

Side note… you may have noticed that I have an entire family training with me, the Gutierrez family. Natalie is going into 7th and will be one of the best in the league this year. Her older sister has graduated but is not running in High School. So, she is still running with me. Both mom and dad have been out there as well. The mom, Dora, is starting to look pretty good. She seems to have pretty good natural speed. We will have to see if she can build up the endurance… One part of today’s workout included some 15s really steep sprints up the access road behind Highland. She stayed with me for the first two. I could not pull ahead of her until number 3!

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