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Two for Tuesday….

Yup, only two, no Triple Tuesday today….

I did my typical Sweet 16 workout with the kids today. I set a PR on hops. One of the 16 drills is 20 hops forward on your right leg, 20 hops forward on your left and 20 two footed “bunny” hops. Most of the drills are done for a particular distance, but this one they are supposed to go as far as they can. I went a good 30 feet farther today than at any previous time.

I coached the Tuesday evening HDR workout, but I did not do it. I have a blister on the back of my right foot. I got it on the trail run Saturday. I did not want to do lots of miles and aggravate it further.  Well, that and my neck is pretty sore. I am thinking it is from the running and diving head first onto the water slide Saturday. (If so, it was worth it)

I did, however go do my Clave workout. The 3 x 10 pullups and the 3 x 10 presses seemed significantly easier this week. Clay and I did some ball tosses while I was on my back in a dead bug position. I am thinking that these are going to get me sore….

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