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Month: August 2013

Easy, Hard, Recovery

Thursday I was still pretty sore. I ran a couple of miles with the the team…. That’s it. Friday I met the team for a 6:00 practice. We did another […]

Easiest of easy days

Well, easy for me…. sort of….. well, maybe not so easy? Today I made the Hillview kids run 2 miles. That’s it. For the advanced kids it was an easy […]

Yet another Triple Tuesday

First, we had quite a warm afternoon at Hillview. We had the typical high temperature plus some pretty good humidity. The good thing was that the grounds people were out […]

Sunday Run

Last night, I was on facebook. I knew that I should run today, but I had no plan. Clay is out of town for the weekend. I figured Chuck and […]
Sunday Run

Running again!

Just a quick post to let you know that the neck is continually, slowly improving. I have pretty good mobility now, side to side, as long as I move it […]

Personal Worst

Yes, this is definitely the worst pain in the neck ever. I have had some that were bad, but typically they only last a few days. Also, typically, they only […]

Monday Night Hill Crazy

Last night Clay came over for some bicycle hill repeats. We rode over to 5th St west and did 3 repeats from Q-8 south on 5th St up to Tierra […]

New PR!!

First, last night I headed over to the Clayve. Annie (my daughter) went with me. Clay had us do some ball tosses and some ball smashes. This time we did […]

Long Time No See

Last time I ran on the aqueduct with Chuck and Lance was February 18. Wow, it has been a long time. During my good stretches, Sunday runs there have been […]