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On Vacation, but still playing catch up?

What is up with that?  I am more consistent about posting in a timely manner when I am NOT on vacation….

I got a pretty good blister doing last Saturday’s trail run, so I decided that this was a recovery week. I cut back on the mileage quite a bit. I ran Monday and Tuesday with the kids, but that is when I figured that running was aggravating the blister, even with a band aid. So Tuesday night I took off, along with Wednesday morning.

Wednesday night I did go on the Block Bike’s Cycology ride. It was great fun. Cheryl and I rode our Tandem. Clay was there riding circles around us and the rest of the pack (which is easy to do on a good road bike. This group does not go too fast.) He brought along his video camera and took some nice videoL

Thursday, was the the HDR Relay race. Every year the high school teams put their best two boys and their best girl together race each other. The rest of us come in some time later. This year, I figured maybe I could do something about that. I arranged for Justin Patananan, Steve Brumwell, and Tiffanie Marley to run together as a team. I have been looking forward to watching them for weeks. Alas, a few hours before the race I found out that Tiffanie had twisted and ankle and would not be there. So, I racked my brain trying to figure out the next best thing. The fastest girls, of course, are the high school girls and they are already running with their teams. It occurred to me that my 7th grader Natalie, was faster than any of the post high school women who were going to be there. So I set it up for Natalie to run with Steve and Justin. I wish a got a picture. Steve and Justin are both well over 6 feet and Natalie is probably south of 5. They took 7th place. The high school teams took the rest of the top 10.

The race among the Hillview clan was interesting. We had 5 teams all finish within 9 places of each other. No one really planned it, we teamed up as people arrived. Our finish position (out of 70 teams)  and team runners were:

24th: Erik, Krysti and Brock Ruble
25th: Leo Oliva, Bryce Webb, and Bryces very young little sister
26th: Derek Rodriguez, Cole Walls and Suzanne DeShields (Adam’s mom)
29th: Cade Ruble, Me, and Dora Castellanos (Natalie’s mom)
32nd: Adam DeShields, Cooper Cetti and Gaby Castro

(Oscar Gutierrez ran with the Diorios)

I did not have the best plan. It turns out that leg 3 is the longest, and that is the one we had Dora run. Cade and I had the lead among these teams after two legs, but one by one Dora got caught. She is a new runner and does not have the endurance …… yet…. Erik, was getting carried away, as usual. Brock was gaining on Dora and he ran out and ran with him a couple hundred meters…. Leo and Derek were the last runners for their teams. They were neck and neck fighting for the win. Leo edged out Derek.

We ALL had a great time.  We all earned ONE point in the GPPC. Well, except Natalie. Her 7th place team finish got her some placing points!

Today, we ran to Jamba Juice!

Tomorrow, the Wounded Warrior 5k and Jet Hawks stadium.

Monday, one last summer run with Hillview.

Tuesday, back to work and mile time trial at the HDR track workout.

Thursday, HDR Summer Series Finale!

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