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New PR!!

First, last night I headed over to the Clayve. Annie (my daughter) went with me. Clay had us do some ball tosses and some ball smashes. This time we did lots of squats. He had me do 10 squats with a 75 pound bar on my neck, then 20 reps throwing a 6 pound ball high up against a wall. Then back to the bar, then to the ball… 3 sets each. When I moved the bench after the last set  I could already feel it in my quads. We added some pull-ups 3 x 10 and bench presses 3 x 10 at 75 pounds.

This morning we did our final Hillview practice at Marie Kerr Park for the summer. Tomorrow the teachers have to report for work and Thursday is our first day of school. We did a basic run  a couple loops and do some partner tortures workout. The loop is 1.5 miles around. I have this loop set up as a “segment” on Strava.  When I set this up back in June, I, of course, had the course record. Since then, one of my former students when out and bested me.  Today, I did the first loop in 14:02. As I nearing the completion of the loop, I noticed that I was feeling pretty good, so i decided to shoot for my Strava personal segment record. I took off on the second loop and started passing my students. A couple hung in there with me. A couple, were so far ahead that I they were still waiting for me at the finish. The second loop took 11:38 – a 7:24 pace. Not too bad for dodging muddy sections on the dirt path. 

I felt that I had probably bested my record but with Strava you have to wait until you upload your data from you watch. Sure enough, my previous record was 11:55 done on that first run in June, when Joe Kim and I just kept going faster and faster!

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