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Monday Night Hill Crazy

Last night Clay came over for some bicycle hill repeats. We rode over to 5th St west and did 3 repeats from Q-8 south on 5th St up to Tierra Subida (into a BIG headwind near the corner) and continued Northwest on Tierra Subida to the top of the climb.
The first rep included the downhill going back to the top of Q-8 : 5:20
The second and third rep, we stopped timing at the top of the hill: 4:40 and 4:32.

Next we headed over to Desert Flower and did our usual hill repeats up Desert Flower and Cactus beginning at Date Palm. The twist was that at the top of Cactus we coasted down the next street and then sprinted up Cactus again! Rep 1 = 4:14, Rep 2 = 4:04. I kept getting quicker, but Clay was consistently beating me time and time again. He SAID he was giving me a head start, but still he would beat me. As we coasted back down to Date Palm to start our last rep Clay coasted ahead. We usually go several houses past our start line. Clay coasted past the line and while he was not looking I made a quick u-turn and made a quick get away. Ha! Maybe this time cheating would help me to win! Clay caught me right at the top of the first hill, but I coasted the downhill faster. Going into the very last Cactus climb I found enough energy to get off my seat and really hit it. Half way up, I was still in the lead, 3/4 I still had it. Then Clay surges by….
Oh well, my shenanigans got me through the rep 21s faster than any of the others- 3:43!

I should mention that my quads were already shot from last nights Clayve workout – all those squats!

This morning Clay had me come to his clinic – Valley Physical Therapy to see if I had progressed on the ski erg machine. We were thinking that all the strength work should have made me faster at ski erg sprints. I did 3 repeats of 100m. The last one in 21.6. Looking back I have found that I once did 21.5 twice in a row. So this was not quite a PR. He had me do an all out 200. Nearing the end of the 200 my quads were giving up on me and I coasted in finishing in 43.0. Near as I can tell, this 43 seconds is a new PR! Imagine what I could have done if my quads were not already so fatigued?

Later in the workout Clay had me take a shot at 1000 meters. I started well, but the quads were not helping me with squats. I found I could use upper body strength along with an exaggerated bend at the waist to maintain a decent pace. When I got down to 150 m to go, I engaged the quads and gave it all I had. Clay was thinking my PR was 4:06 so that is what I was shooting for. I almost made it at 4:07.

Just now, though I did a search on this blog for ski erg records. I found the followin PRs:
100m – 21.1 – 2/11/2012
200m – 43.0 – today
1 minute – 264 meters – 5/11/2012
500m – 1:54.8 – 1/13/2013
1000m – 3:59.8 – 1/10/2012

I will have to try to beat some of these soon, on a day, when I am NOT already so fatigued!

Take note that I added a Strength PRs page to this blog to start keeping track of stuff like this. I am sure Clay will find all sorts of things to add to it….

Time to go get ready for the HDR speed workout AND another CLAYVE!

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  1. When you get to the first street after the start, turn around and watch me sitting there at the bottom but know that I will be breathing down your neck in just a couple of minutes. The more strength PR’s you have the more opportunities to work hard to beat them. Add your biking sprints too.

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