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Hillview’s First Pacific Coast Trail Run

This morning I invited the kids who have been running all summer to come run with me on the Pacific Crest Trail We used the section from Bouquet Canyon heading northwest toward San Francisquito. This is the one that rolls along for a couple of miles and then has a BIG hill. At 4 miles you reach a ridge. For today, I had the leaders cut the run at 3 out and 3 back. Leo and Cade were ahead of me. Erik Ruble was right behind. Adam Deshields, Natalie Gutierrez, Oscar (her dad) and Krysti made it all the way to the turn around. Shorty after we started back we encountered a few others, so most of them did at least 5.5 round trip!

The run went very smoothly. There was lots of parental support. We discussed when to do it again. We decided to run the same spot on Labor Day! I will also invite the club and make it a HDR/Hillivew trail run day!

It is funny, that my neck does not hurt while running. but everything else is a pain…. literally…. I can look down okay. Up, left and right are all painful.

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  1. Looking down you are opening up the facet joints, looking up and right-left you are closing them down. They are very irritable joints right now, ice them, take advil and don’t look up or to the side. Try and sleep on your back if possible with rolled up smooshed towel inside pillow under neck. If sleeping on side make sure your neck is supported and head doesn’t dip down or get pushed up. Facet joints need to be kept in neutral position.

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