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Personal Worst

Yes, this is definitely the worst pain in the neck ever. I have had some that were bad, but typically they only last a few days. Also, typically, they only limit motion in one direction.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was down to one direction of motion for my head. I could not look left. I could not look right. I could not look up! I could only look straight ahead and down. Sleep was painful regardless of which position.  Saturday, Clay did some work on the neck and it was feeling better. On my way home, as I pulled up to a light at 15th and J, I witnessed a near miss of an auto accident. I think the first car stopped fairly fast for a yellow, and the second car swerved, complete with screeching tires around him. His swerved started in my direction, but straightened out with plenty of room. The flash of motion and the screech of tires, however, caused me to react with a quick look to the left….. big mistake. The pain of that one motion probably undid everything Clay had done….

Last night, I slept better. I could rest comfortably on my left side (normally, I sleep on the right) sometimes I found myself flat on my back. When I woke up the ability to look up was partially restored along with a 10 or 20 degrees of motion to the left. A day of teaching though has it feeling pretty achy. It is hard not to use the neck to look sideways when you are in a class with 30 or more 8th graders…

Still, there is some progress….

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