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Totally AV Fair Wave Race #4

It has been quite a week….. Most of you probably know, but twice each year I direct a race for WAVE. In March I direct the Nutty Runner’s 5k at the Almond Blossom Festival in Quartz Hill. In August I direct the Totally AV Fair Wave race at the Antelope Valley Fair Parade on Lancaster Blvd. Saturday was the 4th running of this race.  The race, and its name, are set up with two sets of dual meaning words:  The race is for Wave and it has a start that includes waves. The race is tied to the Fair, and well, in theory, it IS Fair!

The runners line up by age and gender in 16 different starting waves. At 7:30, the first wave goes and every minute another wave goes until 7:45.

It is awesome watching the race as you see the older runners head out first determined not to get caught by the youngsters that are coming soon behind them. Some of the young runners catch some of the older runners. There is a lot of chasing and passing going on!  

The first year, the race was won by a teen age girl, a local high school standout, Vanessa Lopez. The second year it was won by a local Master’s track and 5k runner (age 53), Steve Brumwell. Last year, Steve was injured and 55 yr old Kathy Diorio ran away with it.

This Saturday, Kathy and Steve were both their and were both ready to run. Former Hillview standout Herschel Smith (who was 3rd last year) was there and there were a few others who might be interesting to watch. Kathy, who started the race at 7:35 won the race with a new record, crossing the line 29 minutes 23.3 seconds after it began (24:23.3 running time.) Steve Brumwell was only 17 seconds behind crossing the line with a clock time of 29:50.0! (Last year, Kathy won at 30:02.4) 

Rounding out the top 5 were Herschel Smith – 14, at 30:25.1 (17:25.1), Hilda MacPherson -54, at 30:38.6 (25:38.6) and Mariah Theologidy – 14 at 30:44.8 (20:44.8).  While I am at it, 6 through 10 were:

Leo Oliva              – age 13 – clock time = 31:11.2 – run time = 19:11.2
Clay Patten           – age 53 – clock time = 31:30.4 – run time = 20:30.4
Ervin Velasquez   – age 20 – clock time = 31:30.9 – run time = 16:30.4
Tom Grady           – age 59 – clock time = 31:36.5 – run time = 21:26.5
Natalie Gutierrez – age 11 – clock time = 31:41.6 – run time = 22:41.6

Clay posted this video showing himself , Ervin, Tom and Natalie coming through the finish chute:

As I already noted, Herschel just graduated from Hillview. Leo Oliva is one of my current 8th graders. Natalie Gutierrez is running for me and going into 7th grade! Some other Hillview runners who won medals include:

12th place – Cole Walls (8th grade)
18th place – Derek Rodriguez (7th grade)
22nd place – Cade Ruble (8th grade)
30th place – Ben Sumner (7th grade)
36th place – Adam DeShields (7th grade)
41st place – Brady Butler (6th grade)

(A glance at the above will show you I have high hopes for Hillview’s teams this year!)

We had 235 finishers in this years race! That is 40 more finishers than last year. The total registrants were 254. There were also at least 52 registered for the kids K!

I look forward to putting on this race, and my Nutty Runners race, but each time I am always REALLY glad it is over. 


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  1. Great Job Dale, you did it without Cheryl there, I missed her. Can’t believe we were 4 off on the medals. I think next time we space them all out on a PVC pipe so they stay organized 1-50. 10th place Tom Grady missed getting a bag and a medal, couldn’t help him with the medal but did get him a bag before he left. Had Natalie come up to me afterwards and say she didn’t get a top 10 bag she ended up with a top 50 bag. I told her they were almost the same. So you can see I wasn’t a lot of help.

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