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Running again!

Just a quick post to let you know that the neck is continually, slowly improving. I have pretty good mobility now, side to side, as long as I move it slowly…..

Saturday night I got in my first post PIN (pain in neck) workout. I got in the pool and did the equivalent of 6 miles with 12 x 400 meter intervals.  Of course, this is all strictly time based. On interval workouts I typically average about 8 minutes per mile. So I ran 48 minutes in the pool. A good 400 interval is around 90s, so I mixed in 12 x 90s all out. It felt more like hill sprints than normal track intervals.

This morning I met some of my Hillview Club kids for a run. We did a 5 mile looping workout. I was going to take them up to the aqueduct, but there was lightning off in the distance, and if that storm came closer to our part of the valley, I wanted to be close to Hillview. i also did not want to be up in such an exposed location.

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