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Triple Tuesday! 100 XC Runners

1) Today was our first official Cross country practice of the 2013. I do  not yet have the numbers, but I estimate there were about 100 out there.  I set up a .7 mile loop that included a coach with a hose!

Too early to tell if there are any surprises out there.  Out of 100 runners some of them are bound to be good!

2) High Desert Runners Tuesday Night Speed workout.  Of late, we have done a lot of shorter repeats. I have been focusing on building strength and top end speed. I have been thinking that sometimes I have been doing these repeats at mile race pace, or sometimes faster. At race however, of late I have not had the stamina to hold on to the speed that I have. Tonight I wanted to do a correct VO2 workout. To prevent going too fast, I chose a longer workout. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Each first lap was 1:35 to 1:38, each 2nd or 3rd lap was more like 1:42.

3) Clave! Clay has a new medicine ball to throw up and over the rope in the backyard. I believe it was 14 pounds. Clay had me to do it until I missed it twice in a row. I missed every now and then but not twice in a row. Finally, the ball hit the rope and broke it. I was done! Of course we had to add some presses, some pull ups, some traps work. some box jumps, some ball throwing ab work…… oh and a pause to get a picture of this ufo, with a beautiful pink cloud background.


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