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Can’t see the trees for the forest….

Hillview has had 3 practices now. I am anxious to see how much new talent we have. We have a huge team, though, so it is hard to see what individuals are up to! Yesterday, we ran a simple 2 mile warm up, did a bunch of drills on the field, and then a 1 mile cool down.

Today, we did an interval workout. The interval was one lap around the Hillview building – about 1/3 mile. We had a starting/stopping point in the back and we had a hose spraying us down out in front! I was really enjoying the speed, but at the same time I was getting frustrated at the walkers. At only 1/3 mile, I was expecting everyone to complete the loop without walking…… It took a LOT of vocal “encouragement!”

On a few of the loops i gathered whoever was near and did a “beat the grandpa” challenge.  Some of them beat me, others could not hold on! I completed 8 loops…..

Later in the evening, Annie and I headed over and did Clayve workout.


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