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2 by 4….. first look at the trees

On Fridays, we have given the Hillview team the option of morning or afternoon practice. Morning, of course, is much cooler. But then again, you have to get up early and be at Hillview by 6 am.

Our workout for the day was our first 2 by 4 time trial. This is a new workout I have put in place to give the runners something to shoot for and to identify those who are not improving. Of course, this is the end of the first week The newest runners are sore and wiped out, It is a little early to see much improvement.

We started at Hillview at the corner of Peonza Lane and Rancho Vista Blvd. At the whistle we took off, south-east on the Blvd. The road goes down a bit to Cricket Lane and then a bit of a climb to Towncenter. We went left and down the hill on Towncenter, Then left again on Bolz Ranch Road back toward Hillview.

The corner of Peonza and Bolz Ranch road, in front of Rancho Vista Elementary, is the 2 mile mark. Coach Godfrey Byass waited at the corner with a stack of index cards numbered sequentially. All the runners who made it to this corner within 20 minutes were given a card which they had to carry on two more miles to the finish. They continued on Bolz Ranch Road, went left and up the hill on N8, left on Rancho Vista, left on Via Verdad behind Hillview, down around Rancho Vista Elementary and back to the “2 mile” corner.  We finished running up in front of the school ending at the gym. Coach Byass, by then had moved to front gate and was writing the times of the 4 mile finishers as they came in.

Those who did not make it to the two mile mark within the allotted time, did not do the second two miles. They did not get a card. After the workout, they knew and I knew where they stood.  There were a few who finished the two AFTER I finished the 4…. We have to make some cuts, but we will give them a couple of weeks to see what they can do.

We did the same workout in the morning AND the afternoon. In the morning, I was in a hurry to finish and be ready to help at the finish. At the two mile mark I was in 9th place right at 15 minutes. I finished just under 30 minutes in 5th place.  I had a very pleasant surprise as Natalie came sprinting up and almost caught me at the finish… She is getting fast AND strong!  In the afternoon, i took off a little easier, in part because of the heat and in part because I was fatigued.  Heading up N8, it was getting rough out there!

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