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Sunday Run

Last night, I was on facebook. I knew that I should run today, but I had no plan. Clay is out of town for the weekend. I figured Chuck and Lance would be on the aqueduct, but they tend to run VERY early. Last time I asked, they started at 4:30… I really don’t like waking up early. I will if I really need to, but 4:30?

Tiffanie messaged me on Facebook and asked what I was going to do… So I had to come up with a plan. I figured 5:45 over at P-12 by Highland High School. She met me there and we took off into the foothills. She asked what I wanted to do and I decided to see where she would lead me. i have run many times back behind Highland, but Tiffanie showed me some new trails. We took a round about path and approached Margo Hill (The Bunny Hill to Hillview peeps, and bus bench to Highland peeps.) from the south. We headed northwest as if going to 60th, but then turned onto a narrow cycling path that paralleled the aqueduct back toward Highland, but further up toward the top of the ridge. Tiffanie would disappear off into the distance ahead of me. I would guess which way she went and then she would reappear. Once, she came running up behind me and said something…. That startled me.

We made our way back to the car. The run was only about 70 minutes. But I was feeling rather fatigued from the workouts of the week…. It was more than enough.

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