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Yet another Triple Tuesday

First, we had quite a warm afternoon at Hillview. We had the typical high temperature plus some pretty good humidity. The good thing was that the grounds people were out on the field. We asked them to leave a set of sprinklers on, and they said yes..  The workout was 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1.  I ran along with them. There were two or three good surprises, a couple of girls almost keeping up with me. I have found that girls who can keep up with me, typically fare very well in cross country.

As we were doing our 3rd 2, I noticed a group of 10 or 15 at the back of the pack. They were walking within the first 50 meters!  I could not believe it. As we lined up for our first “1” I informed them that due to the walking that was going on, we were doing another 2.  That went better! Next we ran a “1.” They had 2 minutes to get lined up. The straggler group was straggling so much that they were not ready to start the last one! So, I had them do another “2”. The fast kids were now complaining that they were getting punished.  But, then we did a 1 and it was the fast kids yelling across the kids at the others to keep running. As we lined up, it was the fast kids yelling back to the others to get lined up! The last repeats went very well!

At 6 pm, it was time for the High Desert runners workout. We did my sweet 16 workout. I have not done any PR races of late, but I am definitely noticing improvement in my drills.

At 7 pm, we headed over to Clay’s for another Clayve workout…..

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