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Easy, Hard, Recovery

Thursday I was still pretty sore. I ran a couple of miles with the the team…. That’s it.

Friday I met the team for a 6:00 practice. We did another 2 by 4 Time Trial Challenge . My goal for the morning workout was to run it hard. I did. i did the first two somewhat hilly miles in 14:10. I finished the 4 in exactly 29 minutes.  In the afternoon, we repeated the challenge for those who were not there in the morning. I was going to run 5 more easy, but there were only two of us to coach and supervise. I let the other coach, Jake run while I drove around. it is better to have one of us in a car or on bike to keep an eye on the back of the pack.

So, of late, Saturday has turned into my recovery day….. I practice Monday through Friday with the kids, and I do not believe that I need to be running every day. So Saturday is my rest day. Tomorrow morning I need to get in some miles….

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