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Month: September 2013

Time Trial Tempo

At Hillview we did the 2 x 4 Time trial once again. I wore my Nike Air Structure Triax because I have discovered that while my calf is a little […]

Triple Tuesday

I know, today is Friday…. XC season get REALLY busy and there is lots to write about… Tuesday I did a triathlon of workouts!  Not the typical run, swim and […]

Clay’s video of our workout

Go to Clay’s blog and check out the video he made of his run with Aurora and our Clayve workout…   Today, btw, easy two plus miles with the […]

Bad News first?

I have bad news and good news. I feel like getting the bad news out of the way firts. To explain I have to go back to the beginning of […]

Only a two fer

After Monday PR trail run, I cut back just a bit on Tuesday. I only did 2 workouts and not 3. The Hillview kids and I (along with Oscar and […]