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High Desert Runners / Hillview Trail Run – PR effort!!

This morning some High Desert Runners, and some Hillview runners (and more than a couple who are both) headed over to the Pacific Crest Trail at Bouquet Canyon. I did not get a head count but we had a pretty good crowd – somewhere in the 25 – 30 range! This particular part of the trail makes a good run for the kids as there are NO intersections. As long as everyone stays on the trail no one can get lost. My only concern was that someone would get ahead of me and go past the 4 mile turn around point. Fortunately, Tiffanie Marley was there. I had no worries about anyone getting up to the top of the ridge before her!

When we took off there were a number of the kids out in front and then me. After about a mile, Tiffanie went flying by. Little by little I started to catch some of the boys. Natalie stayed right with me. The trail goes up for a little more than a mile, than it rolls along until about 1 3/4 miles. From this point the trail gets REALLY steep until about 3 miles.  Erik Ruble caught me on one of the steepest sections.  On the fourth mile the trail levels off a bit… well it goes up less steeply.  Erik and a couple of my boys were just ahead. Every time it was close to flat I surged. Eventually I caught them and prodded them to finish hard to the top of the ridge.

Personally, I was going for a PR. This was my 3rd run up the ridge since I started using Strava. This website allows you to upload your runs or rides from your cell phone or gps device. Then it compares your run with others who have run the same course. You can set up sections of the run as “Sections.” Then you can go for your personal record or overall course record for each section. I have set up the entire 4 mile climb and the 2 + mile “Tank to the Top” as sections.  Others have designated a couple of other sections within this run. I had a very good day!

On the 4 mile climb, I ran 42:28.  This beat my previous record by 4 minutes!! I am currently second on the overall leader board just 15 seconds behind High School runner and former Hillview runner Matt Jones.

On the “Tank to the Top” segment. I also smashed my PR. On June 29 I ran 28:43 and posted about breaking my PR by 1:25 Today, I erased another minute and a half from that with a 27:09 effort! i guess surging to catch Erik and the boys near the top really paid off!

Coming back down, I let gravity do its thing and enjoyed a quick descent!

Clay was there with his video camera …… Thanks Clay for posting your video! I love the music!

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