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Hillview Mt Rite Aid Run – once again

Yesterday, Clay posted about Stravaling – trolling for segment Course Records or King of the Mountain…. He went out and tried to best my 2 mile Time trial, but had some technical difficulties.  IT IS fun to go Stravaling, but I have been using Strava in a slightly different way. There are certain courses that I run only at certain times of the year.  In the fall, I run from Hillivew to Mt Rite Aid. In other seasons we tend to favor other runs and courses. I searched my logs and found 7 Mt Rite Aid runs going back to the fall of 2009. I am sure that I ran it more times than that, but I may not have always worn a GPS. Anyway, I was able to download the GPS data from each of these runs and compare them with Mt Rite Aid, last Monday and today.

I did not set off trying to set a record this morning, but that is exactly what I did. My time from the light where we cross Rancho Vista up to the top of Mt Rite Aid was 27:09.  Of course I set it up as a Strava Segment.

1 9/9/13 8:47/mi 22:48
2 10/5/09 8:50/mi 22:55
3 9/28/12 9:39/mi 25:04:00
4 9/21/12 9:47/mi 25:23:00
5 9/21/12 9:48/mi 25:26:00
6 10/30/09 9:52/mi 25:36:00
7 3/5/10 10:41/mi 27:44:00

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