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Quick Post after a long evening

First: I ran today.  I only ran about 2 miles, but I ran today. We took the Hillview team from Hillview up to Greg Anderson Elementary to use the brand new track the put in there for some speed work. Yesterday, I had the kids to 4 times 3.5 minutes of long uphill intervals, so today we wanted to go short. At one end of the track is a staircase, so we did 100 sprints. They ran the south side of the track, walked the curve then ran the north side, sprinting all the way to the top of the stairs. They walked down and over to the north and kept going! Then we ran back to Hillview. All I did was the run to and from the track.

Later, after coaching the High Desert Runner workout (very small group tonight), I headed over to the Clave. I am a bit sore from Sunday, but Clay had not mercy. I did more step ups 3 x 20 per leg. He makes these difficult by disallowing me to push off with the bottom foot! 3 x 10 double assisted pull ups. 3 x 14 presses. Sit ups with overhead medicine ball throws! Rope waves! I am sure there was more….

When we were done with all that, Karl arrived and we got on our bikes and did almost 15 miles of crazy hill repeats around the Quartz Hill area! The last hill was 70th west from L to the top! This was 2 miles. it was fun, it was tiring it is late…. good night.

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