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3 Course Records !!!

This morning I met a few HDR people: Clay, Kyra and newcomers Mike and Taryn along with some Hillview people: Leo, Cade, Cole, Jason, Dmitri, Ethan, Gaby, Natalie and their families: Erik, Krysti and Brock, Oscar, Dora and Monsterrat, Celio (Cole’s mom) for another run up the Pacific Crest Trail from Bouquet Canyon. Actually, now that I think of it, almost all were HDR members. The Rubles and Gutierrez-es are members and Leo and Gaby just joined this morning.

I like doing this run with my students. The fastest boys take off quickly and as their coach I feel the need to try to stay somewhat close. Leo, Cade, Cole and Erik pulled away at the start and I found my spot behind them. Clay and Kyra had gotten a head start (with their dogs.)  A mile or so in I passed Kyra and Jadie.

I was concentrating on doing this first segment with its occasional downhill faster this time. As I got to the tank, marking the start of the crazy steep section I spotted Clay not too far ahead. I caught Clay and he got a video of me going by. Then he stayed with me for awhile. As we got into the fourth mile, where the path is less steep I concentrated on keeping on the gas. I saw Erik up ahead and we were gaining. We were within about 20 to 30 meters when Erik spotted us and sped up. I remember glancing at my watch to note that I had 2/3 mile to go and then again at about 1/3.  By the time I got there I was really tired.  So was Erik.  Clay had stopped a while back to get some video….  Can’t wait to see it. Here is his picture taken on the top of the hill:

Hillview HDR trail run

I have uploaded the run to Strava and have found that it went exceedingly well!

On the full 4 mile segment I beat my previous record. My previous best, set on September 2nd was 42:28. Today it was 40:25! A 9:50 average pace up that hill sounds pretty good to me.  To my surprise, this 40:25 is the new Course Record!!  (Don’t anyone tell Karl or Clay)

On the “Tank to the Top” segment, the latter half of the run, which includes the killer uphill I also set a new personal record. My time was 25:22, down from 27:09 last time (my previous PR) This also turned out to be a new Course Record!

Someone set up another segment called Pacific Crest Trail Climb. It seems somewhat arbitrary. Looking at the map it seems to start after the steepest section, at around the 3 mile mark. The segment is only .35 miles long. Clay was right with me in this segment. Our time was 3:40. We are tied atop the leader board with the new course record. My previous best was 3:54.

Coming down I pushed the pace and ran ahead of everyone but Erik, Leo and Cade. I set up a new Strava Segment for the big downhill – the reverse of the tank to the top. My time here was set as the new course record as well. Although, while I feel that I am a pretty good downhill runner, on the steepest section I heard someone run up behind me. I didn’t even look. I said, “Hi Erik!” Erik said, “Hi Mr. Lister” as he went by me.

I was starting to tire the last section.  Clay set up that last section, from the Tank back to the road as a Strava segment. The segment is around 1.6 to 1.7 miles long and Clay is the course record holder. It is a challenging segment in that you are tired from the big climb and the steep downhill. The segment actually climbs 150 ft or so over 3/4 mile before going down again to the finish.  Personally, I have having to go UPHILL on the way back from a trail run. My time for the section was 13:51 and it was 33 seconds faster than my previous PR on this segment!

Thanks Clay for the video:

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  1. Now I want a head to head match up, let me know when. I’ll get an accurate time on my stop watch and we can compare on Strava too!

    • Yes, let’s do a head to head match up….. something LONGER though, AT LEAST a half marathon, perhaps something even longer?

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