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Yet another course record!

This morning I ran with the Hillview kids and we did the same 4 x 3:30 hill climbs that we have done a few times over the last weeks. The run is broken into 4 half mile segments. I set up the Strava segment on 45th from N to N8. There was already a segment on N8 from 45th to 50th. I also set up segments on N8 from 50th to 55th and on 55th up to the top of the hill.

Aside from Strava, I set my personal records on all 4 intervals. On the first I got to N8 and rounded the corner by 20-30 meters before the time went off. On the second I rounded the corner by about 10 meters. On the third, for the first time I made it all the way to the corner, striding through the crosswalk as the timer went off. On the final I was about 3 meters farther than last week starting to round back downhill at the apex of the culdesac.


I felt light and powerful, while also feeling strangely fatigued. I did not think I was going fast enough each time, but I got there!

On Strava, I set a new course record on the top segment. I claimed the number two spot on the first and third ones. On 45th, my strava time was 3:18, 2nd to Quartz Hill High star (and former Hillview standout) Bradley Wiggs’ 3:01.  I made a mistake, though in rounding the corner onto N8 at the end of the segment. I have learned that once you enter into a segment strava starts the clock. it does not pause the timer if you stop and wait. I noticed this on the ride a week ago. Clay and I were the fastest coming down Godde pass by far, yet the two riders who arrived at the top last, and did not stop, had the fastest recorded downhill segments. Apparently, we stopped and waiting a little past the downhill segment starting line!  Therefore, my strava time for segment number two was almost seven minutes as it included the recovery, even though I jogged back down to the bottom and even around the corner a bit while waiting.

On segment #3, i also claimed the number 2 spot. my time was 3:25, 11s the course record holder Adam Ritchie.

On segment #4, as stated, I set the new Strava record of 3:14, 3 seconds faster than my record from last week!

As I write this I hope that Karl is not going to read it.  Saturday, I posted about my course records on the PCT and on Sunday he promptly went out and broke them! I only got to be king of the mountain for a day! The thing Karl did not notice, though was that I also established a new downhill course record on the steep section, while Clay set one on the flatter last up and down, downhill.  Karl took it a little too easy on the downhill. Clay and I get to keep our records for a bit longer, it would seem.

When Karl reads this though, he is going to look at that course record, which begins about a mile from his house, and well, you know….. have fun with it Karl!

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