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Month: October 2013

Two for Twodays

Last week I was lamenting that my Tuesday post is usually Two for Tuesday or Triple Tuesday… Well, I only ran once yesterday and once today. So, two workouts in […]

Meeting Muk Muk

Judi has been the counselor at Hillview the last few years. Over the summer she was transferred to several other schools.  While trying to get the students at her new […]

Triple Tuesday…..

I have to come up with a better title… I have used this one a few times before… 1) Hilliview’s first Cross Country Club run of the fall. We had […]

Long run to Jamba

First, I must say that I have been sore….  Thursday evening at the Clayve, Clay had me do some barbell lifts with straight legs and a straight back. I do […]

Two for Friday

Tuesday is typically the day when I double up on workouts. But seeing as how Hillview was scheduled for optional morning OR afternoon workouts, I decided that I could double […]

Recovery Race

Now there’s an oxymoron….. I delegated today’s easy day before the race workout to my assistant coaches and I headed over to 70th west right after school for Quartz Hill […]
Recovery Race