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Tremble Tuesday

I was going to call it triple Tuesday, again, but instead came up with something different. My legs were trembling a couple of times tonight, so it is Tremble Tuesday… Actually, the workout has 4 parts;

1) 2:15 pm – easy warm up run with the team at Hillview. Then I coached them through a drills workout.

2) 6:00 pm – HDR track workout – It was Sweet 16 drills night. This includes 16 drills and 16 sprints. With a mile warm up all the drills, sprints and such added up to 4 miles!

3) 7:00 pm – The Clayve workout – The usual stuff – well, except Clay has taken Planks to a whole new level!

ball planks

Those shiny, colorful new shoes are the free NIke Pegasus I got at last week’s clinic.

4) 8:00 pm – Karl arrived and we got on bicycles for some night time bike hill sprints.. I was pretty tired by now, but I would have spurts of fight in me that kept me close to Clay and Karl. Posting the ride on Strava showed that I had my PRs on all of the segments we did. Compared to others, the segment on 60th from M to N was perhaps the most surprising. Clay took off on this one and disappeared into the darkness. I got ahead of Karl early, but then he got by me. I stood and sprinted a couple of times to stay near. At the end I sprinted and ended right behind him.  Clay finished the segment in 4:00 and was just 3 seconds off of the course record. Clay is 2nd out of 54 riders. What surprised me was that Karl is listed at 5th with 4:29 and I am in 6th with 4:30!  Looking at the list of riders, I see some names that I am surprised to be ahead of……

After finishing this segment, thoroughly exhausted, we turned left on N and coasted. Clay suggested we do “extended stairs” and then ride home. I said okay, and gave myself a little lead on the downhill. We turned right onto 55th and rode up 55th all the way to the top. Clay caught me going around the corner with less than a quarter to go. We turned into a good head wind at this point. He passed and I tried to draft him the rest of the way. Clay set a new record on the segment and I ended up 3rd. I stopped the bike and rested my trembling legs at the top – thus the name of today’s post…..

In total the night ride was 13.2 miles in 56 minutes….
My Garmin says I burned 2050 calories on these four workouts….


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  1. I created the 60th M to N segment in early Sept so you see all the times are from Sept and now Oct 1st. Most of the riders were not racing the segment just riding it thus we are in the top 10. When they start to race the segment we will all fall in our position.

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