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Amargosa Creek Meet

Hillview’s latest meet results!

The Hillview teams looked great, once again today. The 8th grade boys were near perfect. The 8th grade girls finished a strong 2nd to Joe Walker’s team of the decade (they have 5 girls who are all VERY good – but a couple of mine broke up their perfect score attempt.) The 7th grade boys were dominant even though our top boy Adam DeShields took the day off! The 7th grade girls, led by Natalie won by an even bigger margin than last week as our number 3, 4, and 5 runners moved up relative to the competition. Brady Butler ran away with the 6th grade event winning by a large margin- the rest came in strong enough to win!  The 6th grade girls were led by Caylin Livingston who is improving by leaps and bounds (well actually, full minutes) each week.  She moved all the way up to 3rd place!

We have just a couple of weeks to go with a race in Rosamond next week. Finals and Mt Sac will be the week after that!

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