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Double Friday

First I attempted a quick 2 x 4 time trial. I felt like I was pushing the pace, but I was stuck around 7 min pace. During the 2nd mile I felt like my nose was runny, which is nothing unusual for me. I wiped the back of my hand across my nose area and came up with a red hand…. Nose bleeds are not that unusual for me either when it is dry and I am stuffy. I blow to hard and it bleeds…. So, I finished the run, but I kept stopping where there was water to try to clean myself off. I was hoping for sprinklers but I never found any. I gave up on trying to go fast.  My clean up attempts were unsuccessful. The one boy who beat me to the finish took one look and asked. “What Happened!” Nose bleeds can get really messy when added to sweat. I went all the way down to my (thankfully) red shirt!

After school, we had a Jamba Run!  I love Jamba Runs!  You run an easy 4 and a half, you get a smoothie! The run is typically downwind and a slight net downhill!  Today, though there was a strong head wind all the way. Still, no one could complain. It was much better that running it at 97 degrees like we did a few weeks ago!

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