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Ten mile run to the top of the Bunny Hill.

I met Oscar and David Sells at Marie Kerr Park at 6 this morning. We ran west on Rancho Vista Blvd to Ave N. We ran up ave N to 60th, then up Goode Pass to the Aqueduct. Then we took the back side of the aqueduct and the trails up and over the bunny hill before going back to 30th west and Marie Kerr park.

It turned out to be right at 10 miles. It was comfortable the whole way. This was tied for the second longest run I have done since the LA Marathon. The longest was a 12.5 trail run I did with Clay. The other 10 miler was a flat 10 miler on the aqueduct back in August.

It is time to start ramping up the mileage. I would like to do well this fall at a couple of 5ks and 10ks. I would love to be in top form (if possible) by the time the Bakersfield Half Marathon rolls around next January. I plan to have an extra “Ace” to play in Bakersfield by getting my weight under 160.

Last fall I got down into the low 160s and then let it slip upward as my knee was ailing last spring. By May I was 174. After the vacation in July I was 176! This week I got it back down to 166! .10 pounds in 3 months! This time, once I get my weight down I need to keep it there. The problem this last time was the knee injury. When I am hurt and cannot run, I get almost like a mild depression. Eating seems to help, even though I am conscience that the extra weight will slow me down when I resume running. I have lost these particular pounds – 170s to 160s four or five times now. My brain says you have done this before, you can do it again. This time, though it seems like it is taking a LONG time. (probably the fact that I am training with lower than normal mileage.)

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