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Last secret weapon workout of the season

Our Hillview Cross Country season is winding down to the end soon. Next week we have our big races, so there will not be any big workouts. Therefore, today was our final “Secret Weapon” workout of the season. I ran the workout pretty close to as well as I did last week.

On the 45th St from N to N8 segment, I made it to the corner and a few strides straight forward into the intersection. I did not curve like last week, lest I trigger the GPS to start the second segment early. Strava says I was 2 seconds slower this morning than last – sounds about right.

On the N8 section, from 45th to 50th, I made it right to the corner of Rancho Vista. Last week I went a couple of seconds around the corner. Strava put me as the number 8 guy on this segment. My average pace up the hill was 7:02 and my time was 3:24.  I know 4 of the 5 runners ahead of me. Three are former Hillview, current Quartz Hill runners: Bradley Wiggs – #1, Travis Cetti -#3 and Christian Amaya – #5.  Karl is #4.  Sorry, Clay but you are number 7….. for now….  I see from your blog that you had a headwind. It was perfect this morning.

On the upper section of N8, I was once again 2 or 3 seconds shy of getting all the way to the corner as I did for the first time last week. Stava has me 8 seconds slower. I think it began the clock as I walked up to the start line. You can see it by comparing my pace graph to the elevation graph of the segment.

Finally, my pace remained just a few seconds off as I was about 20 feet shy of the same point on the top of 55th street segment.

Considering that I ran 10 yesterday (while last week I was coming off of a day of rest) I was happy with the run.  Oh, I wore the free Nike Pegasus shoes. I have worn them 2 or 3 times now. They are comfortable. They have a soft ride. Today, though, I am thinking that they felt mushy. It could be my imagination but it felt like they were robbing me of just a tiny little bit of my push off on my stride….


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  1. Was I already in 6th place? Oh, I see. My best was 3:37, still 1 second ahead of your 3:38. I know you’ll take it when you want it….

    But it is fun seeing the names of good runners below me on the list! Of course, those good runners were probably just going for a long run.

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