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Recovery Race

Now there’s an oxymoron…..

I delegated today’s easy day before the race workout to my assistant coaches and I headed over to 70th west right after school for Quartz Hill High School’s Cross Country meet. They had set up a course in the fields west of 70th west right below the aqueduct. Once again, I had great fun watching all of my former Hillview runners. I did not see results, but I am sure that Quartz Hill High School’s boys’ team won. They are led by Bradley Wiggs.  Bradley is one of 5 Hillview kids on today’s varsity team. The others were Andrew Mitchell, Jared Gregory-Grimes, Adrian Woodford, and Travis Cetti . Highland’s boys team also included 5 Hillview runners: Camden Smith, Herschel Smith, Carlos Mendoza, Felipe St. Agueda and Matthew Jones.  The JV boys race was led by a whole stream of Quartz Hill and Highland / Hillview runners: Christian Amaya, Alex Wada, Evan Ross, Micheal Knight, Alex Perez, Duncan Woodford, Bryce Butler, Martin Plascencia, Travis Smith, Harry Kim,….. I know I am missing a few.

The girl’s teams have Hillview kids out there as well, but not quite as many… Highlands Kylie Judge, Hannah Stubbs and Meg Carter…. Quartz Hill’s Erin Knight.  There are of course more running JV: Cindy Lupercio, Aliyah Harris, Masha Dennerline, Brenna, Montserrat Gutierrez, Megan Domingo, Haley Knight…. I know there are more….

Well, it rained, it was crazy windy, it was REALLY cold.  I had fun!

Afterwards, I changed into my running stuff and ran the course! it was fun. It is out a mile, do a loop up by the aqueduct and then you do a screaming fast downhill… well not so screaming for me today….

qhhs xc course

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