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Two for Friday

Tuesday is typically the day when I double up on workouts. But seeing as how Hillview was scheduled for optional morning OR afternoon workouts, I decided that I could double up Friday. If fact, It seems to me that I do better when I double up on certain days, making them hard days and then completely recover on others…. 

So, we ran to the aqueduct and up on the little outcropping we call Mt. Rite Aid. I did it in the morning and in the afternoon. In the morning we had a larger group of kids. I had to slow down a bit when we reached the dirt path. Twilight had arrived but the sun was not yet up. The cold was making my eyes watery and the combination of watery and limited light made it a little hard to judge my footing. I was planning on a Laps for Literacy race today (Saturday) so I did not want to run hard, anyway….

It turned out that the two efforts were just about identical: 24:12 and 24:18.  They were my 3rd and 4th best times on the segment according to Strava.

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