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Fast Finish 12 miler!!! (HV 2×4 time trial) x 3

First, I met the HV kids for our final morning practice. Our League finals are tomorrow. We ran an easy 2 miler on our 2 x 4 time trial course. Strava says I ran a pedestrian 16:48 on the official segment.

After school Oscar met me for a long run. We decided to do the full 4 mile segment 3 times. We ran and chatted through the first loop and the second loop. I was noting that we were making pretty good time. I noted that we had a time of around 31 minutes on the 4 mile segment (actually 3.76). I estimated around 32 minutes for the second go round.  According to Strava the first one was 30:44 and it was my This was my 4rd best time on the segment. The second one was 31:46 and it fell in line as 6th best. As we neared the end of the second I suggested that Oscar may not want to push it onto a 3rd loop. He ran the 13 mile HDR trail run yesterday and is a relative newcomer to these kind of miles. He agreed and stopped with a very solid 8 miler!

As I started loop number 3. I was feeling good and so I decided to step on the gas a bit. I ran the 2 mile TT in 14:25, my 3rd best effort.  I continued with the 4 and felt like I was running the 2nd half really strong. I ran up the N8 segment in 3:48, also my 3rd best effort. (The two better times on N8 were part of the Secret Weapon interval workout – NOT part of a continuous 4 (or12) miler.  I continued to push this 3rd 4 mile segment. Strava had my completion time at 27:57…. my PR is 27:56. I missed a segment record by 1 second!

In total, I did 12 miles in 1:37:16 (8:06 average pace) Maybe a half marathon could be in the not too distant future….

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  1. Maybe Santa Clarita? Although I am running the 5K I could come and run the final mile or two with you. Hey great job on the 12 miler and I can’t believe how well Oscar is running.

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